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Greetings & Namaste from Nepal!!!

Welcome to Nepal. The land of brave and loyal courteous people residing in the lap of Himalayas breaded by the glacial river water and green lush forests in the courtyard of Mother Nature delightfully welcome all the aspiring travelers across the globe.

Trekking in Nepal is the best holiday activity viable in Nepal. The idea of establishing the trekking organizing company in Nepal started in the founder’s mind ever since he started working as the Trekking guide of Nepal nearly 10 years ago. The decade long experience in the field of Nepal Trekking finally paid off with the establishment of the Himalayan Trekking Alliance having aim to serve the unlimited trekking trails of Nepal to the world in quality service as well as with impeccable hospitality.The experiences gained from working in various trekking agencies of Nepal helped to identify the core problems of Nepal trekking. Himalayan Trekking Alliance has planned and handpicked the itinerary as well as trails mitigating the tiny problems aiming to provide maximum satisfaction to the guest.The mere purpose of the trekking service of our company will be to give back worth of every penny spent for the trip.We vow to work tirelessly for the betterment of tourism in Nepal. Visit Nepal and choose the experienced team of Himalayan Trekking Alliance for the best planned and priced trekking in Nepal and please check out tour in Nepal holiday packages. Together lets preserve and promote the natural and cultural attractions of Nepal.

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