Adventure Activities in Nepal

Posted On: October 31, 2017

Adventure and Travel are synonyms to Nepal. No matter where you plan your holidays in Nepal, these two things will always be lurking out there for you. With so much wonderful natural wonders inside its territories, Nepal truly has grasped the attention of the entire world. Just ask those who have previously visited Nepal and they will tell you that their holidays in Nepal were some of the most unforgettable holidays of their lives.

There’s no exact definition or feel about it. Nepal has been like this since the early beginnings of tourism in Nepal in the 1960’s when only couple of thousand tourists came and dared to explore the vast wilderness of Nepal. Either it be the majestic Himalayas whose sole purpose is to amaze and fascinate you or the lowland plains of Terai where wildlife has found a heaven to live and thrive, travelers will always get something exciting and memorable to do during their holiday in Nepal.

While Nepal attracts foreigners from all over the world, many come here just for the pleasures of traveling in a place which is totally out of their imagination. After all, who can forget their days inside Nepal as they get the once in a lifetime opportunity to explore the beautiful garland of Nepalese terrains. Tourists can meet with local people who belong from different ethnic communities, speak different language, have their own traditional values and cultures. This makes traveling more for travelers.

Likewise, trekking and tours are the most favorite travel activities for foreigners who land in Nepal each year. As Nepal is renowned as the land of the Himalayas, there’s little surprise when you hear people from different countries wanting to visit Nepal and go for trekking (climbing & mountaineering). After all, there are several beautiful snowclad mountain peaks in Nepal that may be a bit different from one another, but nevertheless they are sure to blow your freaking mind away, that is, after enduring a few days on a challenging Himalayan terrain.

However, those who really want to get their blood rushing but don’t want to spend days on a trekking trail of may want to try something a bit different other than ‘trekking’. Hence, for those kind of adventure enthusiasts, Nepal has various kinds of adventure sports that they can join and indulge in. These things can include: Bungee Jumping, Paragliding, Zip-Flier, Mountain Flight, Rock Climbing and Rafting. Individuals can easily find tour operators who will sell any of those packages as these won’t cost much.

Price range can vary but without distinction, they all are sure to give you a ride of your lifetime. You can go paragliding in the famous Pokhara city atop the Sarangkot Hill. While floating up in the air, you will be able to witness the grand Himalayas with your own eyes while your feet keep gliding through the skyline. Though, you won’t be traveling to the Himalayas, just getting a sight of them can be enough to overwhelm your mind and heart. Not just that but, you can go Bungee Jumping and for a jump that will literally have you fall to the ground. It will only last a few seconds but it will surely be a moment that you will remain etched in your mind for your entire lifetime.

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