Bordered by China (Tibet) in the North and by India in the south, Bhutan – The Land of Thunder Dragon has remained sequestered from the rest of the world in its pristine state, unspoiled by outside influences. The reason you pay so much money to visit Bhutan isn’t for the world’s most delicious food or the best hotels of your life. Bhutan is truly a haven for wildlife and is considered the most exclusive tourist destination in the world as the government has a policy that more than 60% of the country must remain as forest, and logging is strictly controlled. Bhutan used to have strict restrictions on the number of tourists that could visit, and even though they have been slightly relaxed, the country is still very serious about ensuring tourism doesn’t affect its culture and environment. The country manages to retain all the charm of the old world. Their unique customs, beliefs and life-style are magical and preserved in its ancient ways. It’s a place where people love their king, where leaders go into battle with their troops when necessary and where the traditions of the good old days are still present, from the capital of Thimphu to, even more so, the outer villages. Tour and trekking in Bhutan is possible all the year round except in the months of July and August when it is little wet for tour.

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