Tibet is a region of East Asia located on the Tibetan Plateau and including parts of China and India. Explore the incredible Tibet, its quirks will intrigue you and its people will leave you thinking. A jewel in the Himalayas, Tibet is massive, exotic, and culturally under siege. Tibet is one of the world’s most astonishing and peculiar destinations. Despite their turbulent history, the Tibetans have held onto their age-old homeland. There is an adventure lurking around almost each and every corner. Tibet is made up of a majority of ethnic Tibetans and small amounts of other Chinese ethnic groups, including Han.  Its snow covered plateau is the highest in the world, and apart from the Everest, which Tibetans see from ‘the other side’, many mountains are over 15000 feet. Though their way of life is changing, you can still see the yak herders in their fields, strangely juxtaposed with urban monks wielding mobile phones.  In the shadow of Everest, the Tibetan people have developed a gentle, mysterious culture, and visitors will discover a country lined with stupas and adorned with fluttering prayer flags. Despite strict restrictions caused by political upheaval and natural mishaps, we are very happy to share our Tibetan authentic experiences with visitors.

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