Top 10 Reasons You Should Travel With Us

Here at Himalayan Trekking Alliance, we make our full effort to fulfill all of our client’s desired wishes and expectations for the trip booked by our clients. For this exact reason, below we have listed out the reasons for why you should book with us:


We can guarantee fun period. Even when the mountains are hiding from us, or it’s pouring down rain or snow fun is always a priority for everyone in our group


To facilitate and make easy for our clients to organize their schedules for our available trip packages, we present our every client with a private trip departure every day. With this facility in hand, our clients are given ample time to depart for a trip of their choosing.


We take great pictures. Our guides have a great eye for all the best angles and the best poses throughout your trek. You will truly get away from it all. If you want us to take your iPhone away from you the whole time, we would be happy to do it. We’ll even carry your gear for you.


Our boss is from Nepal. We are a 100% local Nepalese company started by one guide who decided to break out on his own. No part of your trekking fees is going back to a non-Nepalese company. We are keeping it here to help our communities, our families and grow our business (if that’s ok with you).


We offer fully customized tours to anywhere in Nepal. When do you want to start your trek? Where do you want to go? As all of our guides are locals who have been in the business for more than ten years, we can get you where you want to go and give you as long as you need


Girl Power! We are proud to say that we have one full-time female tour guide on staff and are actively looking for more—something that Nepal has been slow to promote. We don’t hire “guys” or “girls”. We hire “guides” and “friends.”


When we say, “adventure,” we really mean it. We offer not only trekking but paragliding, river rafting, cycling, rhino and tiger spotting, elephant bathing, honey hunting and even wasp hunting! If you thought it was just about mountains here in Nepal, let us show you what you’re missing.


We know local. There is so much to Nepal left to be discovered. New trails are being explored every year and we have the connections to get you there first. Let us introduce you to the local culture, teach you some of the Nepali language, and even take you into our own villages as we go off-the-beaten-path together.


Every little thing is going to be alright. At Himalayan Trekking Alliance, we are devoted to ensuring your safety above all else. We have ensured that all of our guides are up to date with the latest in wilderness training. If you are feeling the altitude or suffer from an injury, we will ensure that we get you to safety immediately.


As soon as you reach out a hand towards us, we foremost try to give you the finest price values with optimum increment in the cost of the particular trip packages. Thus you are guaranteed to get a value price levels in all of our available trip packages. We promise that we will trek with you and not take all your money. We believe that nature is for everyone.

So, what are you waiting for? Book a trip today and join the Alliance!

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